Family talks about fire that destroyed their home but left them with a miracle

Family talks about fire that destroyed their home but left them with a miracle.

One family in Las Cruces says they’re trying to recover from a weekend fire that destroyed their home and everything in it.

It even took the life of their family dog which was trapped inside the home when the fire spread.

But despite the fire, the family says a miracle prevailed.

Barbara Zamora say’s she was at a family barbecue with her family on Saturday night when she got a call from her landlord.

He told her that her apartment had caught on fire.

“Trying to get here and the thought of my dog of being locked inside the apartment was pretty devastating,” Zamora said.

When she arrived, firefighters told Zamora her dog Daisy had inhaled too much smoke.

When they got into her home, they told Zamora, they found 15 year-old-daisy dead.

“Oh my God, I literally felt like I was going to faint,” Zamora said. “My home, yes it’s devastating, but my dog, I’ve had her for a long time, she’s my family."

Fire crews worked quickly to try to revive Daisy, and after several attempts at CPR, crew members from Engine 3 were able to bring Daisy back to life.

“She was completely black, just black, she didn’t look good and so one of my daughters rushed her to the vet,” Zamora said.

After some medication and several hours at the vet, Daisy made a full recovery.

“It’s material stuff, so I’m pretty grateful that I wasn’t home and I’m so grateful to the fire department, that they brought my Daisy back,” Zamora said.

But everything inside the home was a total loss.

Zamora’s daughter tells me this Friday they will be selling green enchilada plates and delivering them to her home.

She say’s it’s all an effort to raise money to help her mother get back on her feet.

Today I spoke with the Las Cruces Fire Department; they tell me the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

We’ll continue to bring you more information as it becomes available.

The family has started a GoFundMe Account

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