Forensic scientist: gunshot residue found on Greg Dudley's clothes

Greg Dudley is accused of killing 38-year-old Deanna Stewart two years ago in the home they shared together.

Wednesday afternoon, a forensic scientist testified in a murder case.

Christopher Chaney, who is a forensic scientist at the DPS crime lab in Austin, said he found gunshot residue on Greg Dudley’s clothes.

Dudley is accused of killing his common-law wife, Deanna Stewart, in 2015.

Chaney said he found gunshot residue on two of Dudley's jackets -- the one he was wearing at the time, and another jacket they found in his bedroom.

There were no tests for gunshot residue done on Dudley's hands -- only his clothing.

The witness said gunshot residue doesn't stay on someone's hands long.

He said after about four hours, most of the gunshot residue won't be there.

The prosecutors think that proves Dudley was involved.

The defense attorney pointed out that residue could have been transferred from someone else or he could have put the jacket on later.

The forensic scientist said he didn't test the rest of Dudley's clothes after he found the residue on the jacket because that was enough proof.

A police officer who responded to the scene and collected evidence also testified Wednesday.

He said a knife was found next to Deanna Stewart's body, but there was no blood on it.

The defense attorney pointed out several things in the house that he thought police should have collected for evidence, but didn't.

Medical Examiner Dr. Janice Diaz, who did Deanna Stewart's autopsy, began her testimony at 5 p.m.

She said Stewart died of a gunshot wound and there were signs she was dead for some time before she was found because of decomposition and larvae in her body.

Earlier Wednesday, the El Paso jury saw all the pictures from the crime scene and evidence taken from the home of Deanna Stewart.

Footage shown in the courtroom included up-close, graphic pictures of how police found the 38-year-old woman’s body.

Stewart's daughter took the stand and finished up her testimony on Wednesday.

El Paso police Officer Tyrus Goggins, who responded to the scene and collected evidence, also testified.

The prosecutor asked Goggins to confirm several pictures of the crime scene.

The jury saw pictures of Stewart's body, her face, the blood, her fingers and close-ups of bullet holes in her body.

A picture of the knife that police said they found next to her body was also shown.

Goggins said he did not find blood on the knife, but he found bullet fragments around the area.

Dudley watched and looked at most of the pictures while he sat in the courtroom, except when they put up the pictures of Stewart.

He appeared not to be looking at the screen.

The trial continues Thursday.

Reporter Ashley Claster was in the courtroom. Follow her on Twitter @ClasterKFOX_CBS for live updates.

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