EPISD gets to work on largest bond in county history

EPISD Board President talking about plans for the $668.7 million bond.

The El Paso Independent School District made history as voters passed the city’s largest bond proposal.

Tuesday, the $668.7 million bond passed with 55 percent of the vote.

The district is now looking at what needs to be done.

There are 29 projects included in the bond. The majority of them are facility upgrades.

One of the first steps is assigning a bond oversight committee.

EPISD said it will consist of 10 to 20 people who will keep the projects on track and will make recommendations on what needs to be done first.

Superintendent Juan Cabrera said there's a way those people will be chosen.

"In terms of the makeup, it's up to the trustees and how they decide to want to select it," Cabrera said. "More than likely, each trustee will get a couple of choices and I myself as superintendent will get a couple of choices."

Board member Susie Byrd said they are working to assign the best people to the committee.

“You know we’re going to look at best practices. I think what you want is a diverse group of people that represents the community, whether that’s a part of town, or what they do. I think we also want some really strong financial folks on that committee to help guide that process, making sure we’re verifying numbers, and maybe some folks from the construction industry,” Byrd said.

The district plans to have that committee established by next Wednesday.

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