El Pasoans weigh in on Union Plaza controversy

Demolition began at four properties in a Union Plaza neighborhood on Sept. 12, 2017 despite a court order that was issued the night before. Protesters gathered and police arrived to block off the area. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

El Paso has its eyes on the Union Plaza neighborhood also known as Duranguito as advocates fight to preserve the neighborhood.

However, some El Pasoans are anticipating the demolition to start so the city can be one step closer to building a multipurpose arena.

KFOX14 went to central and west El Paso to ask residents what they thought about the project.

"We're really missing out on some fun things that can happen and an arena, whether it be a sports arena or a special events arena," said Gary Noble, west El Paso resident.

"I just think that we should not hold up progress but go on and do the demolishing," said Noble.

Two out of 12 El Pasoans interviewed Tuesday said the Union Plaza should remain.

Arturo Barraza, a northeast resident, said El Paso should be preserved along with Duranguito along with one condition:

"Duranguito, I see it a bit dirty sometimes. If they paid attention to it, it could be revived but without it taking away and putting (in) an arena," said Barraza.

Just after 4:30 p.m., Grossman addressed protestors with a new amended court order in hand that mandated all demolition permits already obtained by property owners be revoked.

This once again halts demolition for the eight Union Plaza properties. The city has until Sept. 18 to respond to the new court order.

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