El Pasoans have mixed reactions about Ice Cream Festival


On Sunday people gathered at the second annual El Paso Ice Cream Festival in northeast El Paso.

Last year there were plenty of complaints surrounding the event.

El Pasoans during this year's event, gave mixed reaction.

Some say it is a pricey family event, but most of the people we talked to tell us it is what they expected to pay.

"It was definitely new for us, something to do over the weekend," said attendee Justin Ventura.

"It was a little expensive," said Laura Kidd.

Several of the El Pasoans we spoke with said they did not make it to last year's event.

"So far it's been awesome, the kids are having a great time," said Jason Payton.

El Paso ice cream festival organizers tell KFOX14 they expected to see thousands of people.

Complaints last year included long lines and running out of ice cream. It's something organizers said they addressed for this year's event.

"I mean last year, we had 15,000 samples of ice cream, this year we have 50,000 samples of ice cream," said Ryan Lympus, assistant general manager for El Paso Live. "So we have a lot more product, a lot more staff and now more prepared to have a lot more people."

Some El Pasoans told us they believe the pricing should change.

"You had to pay to get in and I thought that covered the tickets, but then you had to go over there and pay for the tickets," said Kidd.

Lympus told us they do hope to keep the ice cream festival as an annual event.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger and Scoops for Troops.

The event ended with the Ruhmann Law Firm Red, White and Boom Firework show.

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