El Paso Zoo debuts bald eagle on International Eagle Day

El Paso Zoo debuts bald eagle on International Eagle Day (KOFX14/CBS4)

There’s a new bird in town and he arrived at the El Paso Zoo just in time to celebrate International Eagle Day.

On Monday, the zoo debuted a young bald eagle named Patriot at the Wings of the World bird show that’s held daily.

Patriot is a non-releasable eagle who came to El Paso from the Dickerson Park Zoo. He was found injured but he recovered thanks to the help of dedicated caregivers, zoo officials said.

He suffers from nerve damage on his foot, which makes him unable to hunt on his own in the wild.

Because Patriot is just 2 years old, he does not yet have the recognizable bald, white head that will develop over the next few years as he matures, according to the zoo.

Joe Krathwohl, who is known as the “bird man,” presents the Wings of the World bird show at the El Paso Zoo.

Patriot belongs to one of the 60 species of eagles that live on Earth.

“Unfortunately, a little more than half of them are considered endangered or threatened. Eagles definitely need attention, and International Eagle Day is a great way to do that,” Krathwohl said.

Krathwohl has been working with Patriot since December.

“He’s done very, very well. He is a great candidate to work with,” Krathwohl said.

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