El Paso police detective founds new organization saving animals who suffered cruelty


Hundreds of animals are victims of abuse, torture and unspeakable cruelty in El Paso.

"Law 'N Paws" is working to give animals in El Paso a second chance.

An El Paso police detective is working to save the lives of animals she's found through cruelty cases.

At the moment, there is no special unit in El Paso dedicated to investigating animal cruelty cases. The El Paso detective made saving these animals her passion and founded the rescue Law 'N Paws in November, to foster abused animals and find them forever homes.

“Its a small step, but hopefully we will get more people involved and more people aware of what’s going on,” said Law 'N Paws spokesman, Elias Morales.

Kona the dog was found on the streets of Juarez after being run over by a car and had to have his two front legs amputated. Kona is doing well these days. He’s happy and is set to get prosthesis and physical therapy.

Law ‘N Paws began helping animals at the city shelter that were abused and placing them in foster homes.

Some of the animals have already been adopted, but there are many more who need new loving homes.

"They don't have a voice, we are their voice," said Morales.

One dog was found emaciated with stab wounds on his body. Another dog was burned by his owners. Other dogs had collars embedded deep into their skin.

After being tortured and abused they have been rehabilitated and are now ready for new human companions.

“All they want is love and attention and to be taken care of that’s all they asking for and in return you will probably get double that,” said Morales.

Morales said these cases can be incredibly difficult to prove and then prosecute because animals are considered property in Texas.

He also said they’re dedicated to the case because offenders who abuse animals can escalate to more violent crimes against people.

“That's how they will start, abusing animals torturing animals and it goes from there,” said Morales.

Since the organization just started a few months ago, Law 'N Paws is in need of donations; food and supplies and monetary donations to help with vet expenses since many of the animals require extensive medical treatment before going to their new homes.

They are also looking for potential foster homes, because there are always more animals who need to be saved.

A donation and adoption event will be held Saturday at Walmart at 8115 N Loop Dr. from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can drop off pet supplies, pet food, or donations or check out the furry faces looking for a new family.

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