El Paso golfers still hitting the green, despite triple-digit heatwave

El Paso golfers still hitting the green, despite triple-digit heatwave.

The sun shining full blast didn’t stop Carlos Najera and his friends from playing golf on Saturday afternoon.

“I guess once the bug hits, you are going to be out here regardless. We've been here rain or shine,” Najera said.

Hats, sunscreen and lots of water were key for the players.

They said they’d been playing for more than four hours.

“We're driving around in a golf cart, so that helps, and then you got to stay hydrated, of course,” Najera said.

Doctors recommend drinking two or three more water bottles than you’d normally drink if you’re doing any physical activity outside.

“We've been [playing] with plenty of water and ice,” said golfer Kiki Cortez.

Other golfers took a break from the heat indoors, cooling off in the air conditioning and drinking cold beer.

But experts say if you’re going to spend time outdoors, make sure to limit your alcohol intake.

“You should avoid alcohol, coffee and tea, because those do the opposite. Instead of hydrating you, they dehydrate you and you're more prone to getting heatstroke,” said physician Dr. Rafael Armendariz.

Despite the heat, staff at the Ascarate Golf Course said they haven't seen a decrease in business.

“Right now, we are not experiencing any difference. Just the difference is the time that the people want to play- playing really early in the morning, or trying to get the later times,” said Genaro Dominguez.

For golfers like Cortez and Najera, the love of the game outweighed today’s hot temperatures.

“That won't keep us from coming, no,” Cortez said.

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