El Paso Electric is asking customers to conserve power as they work on substation

El Paso Electric workers are working to replace a transformer at the far east El Paso substation. (KFOX14/CBS4)

El Paso Electric is encouraging customers in far east El Paso to conserve energy as crews work to fix the substation in the area.

Far east El Paso has been hit with several power outages in the last few days and the last two outages happened because of an issue at the substation, George De La Torre with El Paso Electric said.

A portable transformer has been installed until a permanent one can replace it.

EPE is asking that customers in the neighborhoods between Montana Avenue and Pellicano Drive and Loop 375 and John Hayes Street/Berryville Street conserve energy.

The utility provided the following tips to conserve energy:

· Set your thermostat to 78 F if you are home, and raise your thermostat to 80 F or higher if leaving for more than four hours. Setting your thermostat to a lower temperature than normal will not cool your home faster.

· Close interior blinds, drapes or shades to block the sun and heat during warm weather.

· Use ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate the cool air.

· Try to save heat and humidity-generating activities (cooking, laundering, and dishwashing) for early morning or evening hours.

The substation is being monitored 24 hours a day to watch for outages and to be able to restore power as quickly as possible, De La Torre said.

The new transformer should be installed within the next few days.

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