Effort underway to recall City Rep. Cortney Niland over downtown arena

Letter of intent to recall City Rep. Cortney Niland

The City of El Paso’s plan to build a downtown arena could get a representative removed from city council.

Union Plaza resident Michael Patino filed paperwork to recall City Rep. Cortney Niland.

Patino filed a letter of intent with the city clerk’s office Thursday.

“We have no confidence in our city representative,” Patino said.

That letter accuses Niland of not upholding ethical standards, disregarding District 8 residents, not protecting residents from displacement and failing to protect her constituents.

It all revolved around the proposed arena. Residents living in the arena footprint are not happy about having to relocate, or about the buildings in the area that are being torn down.

“This could have been prevented, this could have been avoided,” Patino said.

Patino said he and other Union Plaza residents have tried everything they can think of to get the city to listen to them. “We are the ones that actually put them in office, and we are registered voters. Our tax money is being spent squandered.”

The letter of intent is the first in a series of steps that need to happen before a recall election takes place.

Patino now has 60 days to collect signatures asking for a recall election in Niland’s district.

More than 700 signatures from voters who cast ballots in the last election are needed.

Once verified by the city, a recall vote would happen on the next possible election date.

Patino warned that Niland might not be the only facing a recall over the arena.

“I want the city to understand that we could recall all the districts, and in El Paso, we have that democracy in place, we can use it,” Patino said.

KFOX14 reached out to Niland to get a comment on the recall effort, but neither her or her office has responded

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