Curb parking near Pebble Hills Dog Park continues to pose a hazard to cyclists

Cars parked near bike lane at Pebble Hills Dog Park

Residents in the Pebble Hills area say they can't bike safely near the dog park due to parking issues.

Every day, cars are parked along the curb next to the dog park, but the problem is, the space is a designated bike lane.

This has left cyclists and other residents in the area feeling frustrated, because they say it creates a hazard.

There are multiple no-parking signs lining the curb, but this does not deter drivers from parking in the area.

The signs were installed by the city last summer as a means of solving the ongoing problem, but to this day it continues.

Pebble Hills resident Frederick Reinhardt lives a few blocks away from the dog park and has experienced it firsthand while cycling in the area.

"It even puts your life in danger, because you're out traveling with the traffic instead of being in your designated area," he said.

Members of one of El Paso's largest cycling clubs, EP Cyclists, have noted the same thing.

"The bike lanes that we fought so hard to obtain through the bike share program -- we have found that we can't even use them because they're being invaded by automobiles," said Ephraim Vivar.

Vivar says others in the club have had safety issues because of this.

"It's our right of way, and when it's blocked by a car we have to go into the main lanes and it could cause a traffic accident or injury or worse."

"I've said it while bike riding. Why don't they have police patrolling and putting warning signs or letting people know?" Reinhardt said.

The El Paso Police Department tells KFOX14 officers have issued citations for this before. However, since Pebble Hills is the largest region in the city with the most demand for police service, it's hard to have enforcement out there at all times.

Cyclists say more enforcement, along with educating the public, would be helpful in cracking down on the ongoing problem.

"I sometimes don't blame the people because they just don't know," Vivar said.

There is a designated parking lot next to the dog park.

However, it doesn't accommodate a large number of vehicles.

People in the area say perhaps expanding the parking somehow would also help alleviate the issue.

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