Water restored for residents in northeast El Paso after water main break

A portion of the 9300 block of Raleigh Drive near Crosby Elementary School was closed to traffic on March 29, 2017 due to a water main break. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Residents in northeast El Paso were left without a basic necessity Wednesday after a water main break happened on Raleigh Drive.

This residential street still had water flowing down the curb through the early afternoon when crews were able to fix the break.

Neighbors in the area said it was a difficult to be without that basic necessity for most of their day.

"All the service in the house is not working," Ismael Rodriguez said.

For Rodriguez, a retiree, going through his day without something as essential as water wasn't easy.

"There's dishes to wash. There's no service in the restrooms. We haven't been able to shower today but, oh well, I guess," Rodriguez added.

El Paso Water said a total of 22 customers were affected by a broken line that not only shut off water but closed off roads, too.

"My routine is basically shot for the whole day," Charlie Medina, a resident on Raleigh, said. "I can't get in or out of my driveway here and the road on both sides is cut off."

Rodriguez considers himself lucky though.

"Thank God we had little water bottles and with that we've managed to survive," Rodriguez said.

Water was restored at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

No word yet on what caused the water main break.

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