Congressman Hurd addresses flooding problem in Socorro and Clint area

Congressman Will Hurd is traveling across his district, hosting town halls to hear what his constituents' concerns are.

Congressman Will Hurd is hitting the road to find out about his constituents’ biggest concerns.

He’s driving through his district in an RV over the next six days.

Meeting with several of his constituents, Hurd spoke about various issues, including the flooding problem for folks in Socorro and the Clint area.

"This turned into a little bit of rainfall and then, 20 minutes later, roads looked like rivers,” he said.

On Sunday, he hosted two town halls, one in East El Paso and the other in Socorro.

Hurd’s district stretches from East El Paso County to parts of San Antonio.

While in the Borderland, he said he visited the people impacted by the recent rounds of flooding.

"Well, the constituents said listen, when they built their homes in these areas, they've paid off their homes, they're middle class folks, they want to work with local and state and federal officials on ultimately solving this problem on a long term,” he said.

Hurd said there are plans in the works.

"The county and city are trying to ensure that there is a flood-mitigation plan for this entire area,” he told KFOX14.

Hurd conceded that there are some challenges.

"Some of the solutions cost tens of millions of dollars,” he explained. “In a tight resource environment, (at) the city, county, state and federal level, it's hard to find those kinds of dollars and that's the biggest challenge that you have to deal with."

Representing over 800 miles of the U.S. – Mexico border, Hurd also touched on the border wall and his legislation of the Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology (SMART) Act.

"It's 2017, we should be using technology and manpower to solve the problem of border security,” he said. “The SMART wall act, which utilizes technology. Things like radar or light-ar, which is radar with lights or drones."

He said the SMART act would cost about half a million dollars, compared to the $24 million a concrete structure would cost.

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