City says street car will ease downtown parking woes


Downtown El Paso is thriving.

Plenty of events are happening and baseball is back. But a familiar foe is causing headaches.

"When like there's really popular events it's extremely hard to get parking down here,” Bethannie Keith said.

"There's a Chihuahuas game and during the games like there's not a lot of parking,” Valerie Garcia said.

It's an issue when it comes to finding a spot to park with so much going on downtown. Jessica Herrera is with the city's economic development department.

Parking problems are something it wants to solve.

"The fact that there are multiple events happening at the same time involves a certain level of coordination,” Herrera said. “That not only comes from the city but it also comes from the private sector in terms of making sure the appropriate way finding and signage is done."

Herrera says there's another project which could make parking a whole lot easier: the street car project.

"It definitely is another mode of transportation. The Glory Road parking garage by the university --you're able to park there and come downtown,” Herrera said. “That's definitely the appropriate use for the street car."

Some think it will help with the parking problem.

"I think the street car will help with the parking,” Garcia said. “It actually kind of makes it better for the community."

Others say parking is still going to be a problem.

"There's like also the issue of people parking to get to the trolley cars so I think that still will be a problem,” Keith said.

Other major projects, like the downtown arena. could bring even more cars and less spots.

The city says it is better to get it done now, rather than scramble later.

"It's really looking at all of the different levels of investment and right now we are at a very important time to be able to address that,” Herrera said.

The city says it plans to evaluate certain places where more parking structures can be built aside from the street car project.

There's no time table on when those spots could be picked.

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