City of Socorro trying to restore historic bracero program site

Socorro Bracero Program Site

Some historic renovations are in the works in the city of Socorro.

The city is trying to restore the remains of an old bracero program site located on Rio Vista Farm.

The buildings make up the last remaining site where the bracero program once ran.

Here, millions of Mexican laborers were able to enter the country as guest workers during the early to mid 1900s.

There were actually four other processing sites like this one across the country, but the one in Socorro is the only one that's still standing.

The site has now been designated as a historical site.

Renovations will cost $1.1 million total. The city already had $600,000 set aside and it's gotten several federal, state and private grants as well to help fund the project.

Once completed, the site will house a library and community center.

The city also hopes to have events like a farmers market at the bracero program site on weekends.

Socorro councilman at large Rene Rodriguez tells KFOX14 this project is significant to the city because it'll help preserve the rich history of the area that many might not know about.

The city also hopes to attract more visitors into town with the renovated site.

"We understood, we saw the vision that we're not supposed to be knocking these old structures down, because we're rich in history," Rodriguez said.

The design and planning process should take another year and a half before renovations begin.

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