Border Highway 375 toll lanes to shut down permanently

Cesar Chavez Border Highway Toll Lane

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority voted unanimously Wednesday morning to shut down the toll lanes on Border Highway 375 permanently.

"We'll shut off the lights at midnight and nobody will be charged the tolls past midnight this evening," CRRMA executive director Raymond Telles said.

Telles said while the tolls were running as anticipated, they weren't expected to turn a profit the first 12 years.

While the tolls will stop charging drivers at midnight, those who still use the toll lanes throughout this evening will have to pay for the charges.

"It does suspend the tolls, but it also directs the staff to continue the collections for the tolls that were properly accrued," Telles said.

State Rep. Joe Pickett is a big proponent of today's decision and has pushed for toll lanes to be removed.

"I appreciate the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority leadership and the current Texas Transportation Commission for working with me to make this change. This is a win-win for everyone!" Pickett said in a news release.

TXDOT and the authority agreed to get rid of the lanes last month. The Texas Transportation Commission also voted unanimously to approve removing the toll lanes.

The Border West Expressway will not be impacted by today's decision and will continue being built as a toll road, according to Telles.

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