Avoiding West Nile this summer


EL PASO, TX – El Paso’s vector control team spends the nights spraying the borderland to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes. In light of national mosquito awareness week, I rode around with Jerry Ortega this morning to find out how to keep these dangerous bugs out of the Borderland.

Ortega says while the ditches, ponds, and reservoirs are always taken care of, neighborhoods are a little more difficult to monitor; he says to spray every neighborhood in El Paso is virtually impossible.

That’s why it’s so important for residents to take their own preventative measures. He says the most calls they receive are above-ground pools, since owners generally do not do a good job at treating the water with the proper chemicals.

That puts more than the home owners at risk. When mosquitoes swarm, they infest entire neighborhoods. Ortega says one reckless resident could put an entire neighborhood in jeopardy.

The risks are extreme. While El Paso doesn’t have the Zika virus, we do have the West Nile.

Outside mowing your lawn regularly, Ortega says you can follow the four “D’s,” which are:

Dusk to Dawn – You want to avoid these times,

Drain anything in your backyard that might hold water,

Dress properly – the least amount of exposed skin, the better,

And Deet – or, more informally known as bug spray.

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