AT&T: Service restored to customers in west El Paso, businesses still feeling effects

A days-long AT&T outage that affected people and businesses in west El Paso has been restored, but some local businesses say they're still feeling the effects of being without internet and phones since Friday.

According to AT&T, a contractor doing work for another company was digging and cut a fiber line Friday afternoon.

AT&T told KFOX14 on Sunday all service had been restored. But KFOX14 still received phone calls from some people saying they were without service.

AT&T sent KFOX14 the following statement just after noon Tuesday:

"Service was fully restored Monday night for wireline customers on the west side of El Paso who may have experienced intermittent wireline service issues. Technicians worked quickly to repair the damage and service is currently running normally. We apologize for this inconvenience."

Great American Pizza on the west side was one of many businesses that couldn't receive phone calls or take credit cards because the system was down.

It's an issue the owner said is a huge problem for a pizza delivery place on a weekend.

"We're like wait, it's Friday and we're not getting any phone calls?," said Jorge Pompa, owner of Great American Pizza. "And so I took the phone and there was no ring tone and there was no Wi-Fi either."

Pompa said his business lost thousands of dollars in business and said he's planning to switch to a new service provider after the issue.

"I did lose some 60 percent of my sales." he said. "Totally gone, because people thought, hey you know they're not answering, I'm just going to call somewhere else. So I did lose a lot of money."

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