Anthony Trejo murder suspects arraigned in El Paso court

Erlinda Lujan is a suspect in the death of Anthony Trejo. Lujan was arraigned in court Tuesday, November 1, 2016. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

The trial hasn't even started for three of the suspects accused in the Anthony Trejo murder and already a win for the defense.

The judge ordered prosecutors to get ready for trial despite an ongoing investigation.

Roberto Favela, Erlinda Lujan and Daniel Ramirez were arraigned in court on Tuesday.

They're accused of murdering Anthony Trejo in September.

Two other men, Romuldo Trujillo and Adrian Herrera, were also arrested.

Investigators said the suspects could be tied to a notorious Juarez gang.

In court on Tuesday, three of the suspects pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution said they weren't ready to choose a trial date because the investigation is still ongoing and they're waiting for DNA testing.

The judge wasn't too happy the suspects were arrested and charged while the state finished the investigation.

He said a trial date will be set and it's up to the prosecutors to get prepared.

A decision that could help the defense.

A defense attorney for Roberto Favela told CBS4 the trial will likely start in December or January.

Trujillo and Herrera were arraigned last week.

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