New pediatric dental specialty group opens its doors this week

Star Babies is the first pediatric dental specialty group to serve El Paso and Las Cruces.

Star Kids Pediatric Dentistry plans to unveil Star Babies Baby Dental Clinic (SBBDC) to pediatricians, lactation consultants and speech pathologists on May 18. SBBDC's mission is to combat early childhood tooth decay as well as proper bottle and breast feeding techniques by providing preventative education for parents.

Dr. Lizbeth Holguin is a pediatric dentist and owner of Star Kids Pediatric Dentistry. “We are excited to open up our Baby Dental Clinic, the mission of our facility is to prevent early childhood caries and provide infants with the best possible start for oral health," Holguin says.

SBBDC will work alongside pediatricians, lactation consultants, and speech pathologists to help establish an open line of communication regarding patient health. The pediatric dentists of SBBDC are trained to see neonatal babies, autistic children and children with down syndrome.

The facility is also equipped with state of the art equipment to provide the best treatment possible for its smallest patients. The baby dental clinic houses a Dental Diode Laser that is used for newborns and infants that suffer from tongue and lip tie, which impairs the infant and newborn with the ability to bottle feed, breastfeed and speech development. The use of this technology means faster recovery and scar-free incision for the child.

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