El Paso student needs your vote in national scholarship contest

El Paso high school student in the running as finalist in national scholarship design contest.

Mackenzie Cochran, of El Paso, Texas, has a passion for art and Duck Tape®. She was recently named as a top-five finalist in the national singles category for the 17th annual Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest. She is now vying for part of a $50,000 scholarship package and needs your vote.

Cochran utilized 25 rolls of Duck Tape® and says she put in more than 100 hours on her design. The inspiration behind the outer dress is a Henri Matisse painting, while the inner dress is based on her original design.

"The top of the dress represents an eye, while the skirt represents a nose," says Cochran. "I began by creating sketches of the dress based off of each of the art pieces, then I created the tops by making a base with white duct tape in order to showcase the detail of the pieces such, as the eye and shell-inspired swirls."

Voting is now open. Voters will be asked to vote for their favorite couple before they are taken to the page to vote for their favorite single. Voting closes at near midnight EST on July 5. One vote per day for both the couples and singles candidates will be accepted. Winners will be announced at on July 12.

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