BBC ‘Skype Dad' speaks out

Professor Robert Kelly's live television interview on the BBC was interrupted by his two children.

The professor whose kids crashed his live TV interview is taking the incident in stride.

Robert Kelly held a press conference near his home in South Korea to talk about the video that has made he and his family internet celebrities.

Kelly is an expert in Korean politics and was discussing the impeachment of South Korea's president live on the BBC from his home office.

In the middle of the interview, his young daughter saunters into the room, followed by her 8-month-old brother in a baby walker.

Next his wife Kim Jung-A jumps in to corral the kids.

He told reporters Wednesday that he thinks the video went viral because working parents can relate to the reality of kids bursting through a veneer of professionalism.

The video has been covered by media outlets around the world.

And some South Koreans say it was a fun distraction from their nation's political crisis.

But that doesn't mean Kelly wants to be remembered forever for it.

He said that he hopes the incident does not tarnish his academic credentials or his future interview opportunities.

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