Sunland Park city manager explains accusations made against police department

Sunland Park city manager Bob Gallagher

The Sunland Park city manager is speaking out about corruption accusations he made about his own police department that don’t add up with the audit he said proved the accusations.

City manager Bob Gallagher said when he talked to KFOX14 back in February, he didn’t make it clear that he was talking about two other investigations not just the audit.

KFOX14 Investigates requested the audit after Gallagher said it revealed possible corruption within the department and missing evidence from crime cases.

At the time, he said some of the evidence was found at officers’ homes.

As we previously reported, that information is not in the audit that KFOX14 Investigates obtained through an open records request.

After several attempts to get him to clear up the confusion, Gallagher finally decided to speak out.

“When I mentioned the incident, and it was an isolated incident, there were three different, if you want to call it, audits going on at that time. There was the operational audit and two other investigations,” Gallagher said. “I should have made that clear. Listen I’m not just talking about this document you were talking about but in total.”

On Tuesday, the City Council discussed the audits. Council members talked about budgeting money to perform yearly audits on the Police Department until they come back clean.

Council members also talked about putting the audit in question online so the public is better informed about what is going on.

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