One of 7 indicted in bank fraud case remains jailed

One of seven people indicted in a bank fraud case will remain in jail over the weekend after the federal judge rescheduled his arraignment hearing.

Terrance Yelder is a former NMSU football player accused of defrauding local banks and credit unions through applications for at least $237,000 in personal loans and lines of credit.

Others indicted include Yelder’s reported fiancee and former UTEP women’s basketball player Jenzel Nash,23;Michael Nedal Annabi, 38; his wife, Perla Maldonado Annabi, 33; Basem Elgelda, 33; Miguel Munoz, 29; and Daniel Munoz, 20.

Yelder’s defense attorney Robert Perez said he did not have the proper documents for the hearing because family troubles Yelder is having.

“His mom had surgery and has not been able to assist me as I would have liked her to so it's caused me a bit of a delay,” Perez said.

The defense attorney added he is confident Yelder will be released next week.

The six others indicted waived their arraignment hearings this week.

Yelder’s hearing has been rescheduled for Monday morning at 10:30 a.m.

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