Why can't my family take advantage of Tax Free Weekend?

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Alfonso is a grandfather, whose granddaughter is enrolled in the Socorro Independent School District.

He wants to know why SISD families can't benefit from the sales tax free weekend event that's taking place from Friday, Aug. 11 to Sunday, Aug. 13.

Socorro operates on a year-round school schedule and its new semester started on Aug. 1.

Other El Paso-area school districts, along with most in Texas, operate on a fall and spring semester calendar and their school year doesn't start until later this month, after the Tax Free Weekend.

SISD spokesman Daniel Escobar told me campuses across the Socorro district will work with families to provide a flexible timeline for buying school supplies and uniforms, allowing families to wait until the Tax Free Weekend to make those purchases.

I also checked with the senior member of El Paso's Texas legislative delegation, St. Rep. Joe Pickett, to find out if he or anyone else in the Texas Legislature has ever pursued legislation to move up the date of the Tax Free Weekend to sometime in July, before classes start in year-round districts. I'm still waiting to hear back from his office. Once I do, I'll let you know what I learned.

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