Last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for your loved one

Valentine’s day is on Tuesday.

In today’s Scoop on Savings, I’ll give you some last-minute gift ideas that will keep your lover looking sharp, and you from breaking the bank.

Urban Decay is one of the hottest makeup brands out there – and guys – I’ll vouch for you – because you aren’t going wrong with this item. It’s a steal!

The Nocturnal Shadow Box is $29. A normal palette from this brand – like the Naked palette is more than 50 and gets you about the same amount of colors.

Or, for $20, you can get the Ulta brand ‘Rose Gold Natural Eyeshadow Palette’ – which comes with a great mix of colors!

Now ladies, buying for guys can be hard, so you can’t go wrong with grooming products!

A ‘King of Grooming Bag’ from American Crew is only $29.95.

You get a bag filled with grooming essentials, like a travel size shampoo, styling gel, pomade, and shave moisturizing cream.

A lot of stuff for less than $30.

But if you want your dollar to go farther – for $55 you can gift him with a three-month subscription to the Dollar Shave Club.

The gift is pretty cool ….it comes with shave butter, post-shave cream – a razor handle – and their executive cartridges – which is their best one with 6 blades.

Of course, it’s up to him if he wants to continue a subscription after 3 months are up.

So no excuses! You have some ideas right here that you can get done before Tuesday, without putting a big dent in your wallet.

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