Scoop on Savings: Valentine’s Day date ideas on a budget

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you’ve been putting plans on a backburner, no worries: The options are endless.

Try an outdoor picnic in the backyard, or in the park. Make dinner for your significant other. It’s the time put into the date that counts.

Another outdoor date idea is a romantic bike ride.

There’s no need to own a bike. El Paso’s B-Cycle bike share program only costs $6 for rides of up to 30 minutes, and $2 for each additional half hour.

For now, forecasts look good in the Borderland, but if there were to be a drop in temperatures, or rainy weather, take the picnic indoors and set the mood with some candles.

Leave the cellphone at home and use the old-school way to capture your date night memories – like a cheap, disposable camera.

If you want to explore your city with your lover, try geocaching.

It’s basically a virtual treasure hunt using your smartphone.

Just pull out your GPS and the website tells you where to go. You can sign up at

Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t the day to stress; it’s a day meant to just celebrate with the love of your life.

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