Scoop on Savings – Staying cool on a budget

KFOX14 Morning News Anchor Kezhal Dashti gives you the scoop on how to stay cool on a budget.

There’s been no shortage of hot weather in the borderland, and we all need a way to stay cool without putting a hole in our pockets.

Spray parks have become a great way for kids to cool down, without paying an entrance fee.

Here’s a list of some of the local spray parks in El Paso:

• West: Westside Community Park, 7400 High Ridge Dr.

• Upper Valley: Braden Aboud Memorial Park, 4325 River Bend Dr.

• Central: Grandview Park, 3100 Jefferson Ave

• Lower Valley: Hidden Valley Park, 200 Coconut Tree Dr.

• Lower Valley: Pavo Real Enhanced Park, 9301 Alameda Ave

• Northeast: Sue Young Park, 9730 Diana Dr.

• East: Marty Robbins Park, 11600 Vista Del Sol Dr.

• Far East: Salvador Rivas Jr. Park, 12480 Pebble Hills Dr.

They’ve become great places for family outings and picnics, but make sure to pack sunscreen and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

If being outside isn’t the best way for you to stay cool, go see a movie. Movie theaters crank up the A/C, and it gives you a good excuse to see a new film.

You can find cheaper movie tickets if you see a film during a less popular time, like in the morning or middle of the day, or at less expensive theaters.

The library is another great option. They’re filled with free books, magazines, Wi-Fi and A/C.

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