Scoop on Savings – Silicone makeup sponge

Makeup is increasingly becoming more expensive, and it’s something a lot of consumers are aware of.

According to Quartz, a woman in the U.S. will spend about $15,000 on makeup during her lifetime.

Only 15 percent of that money goes toward the ingredients. The rest of goes towards marketing – packaging – and the brand.

So, how can we save money on makeup?

I recently bought a silicone sponge, that’s all the hype online, to test it out.

I enlisted makeup artist Ramon Vasquez at Foliage Salon and Day Spa in west El Paso to test it out on me.

He used the silicone sponge on half of my face and a normal makeup sponge on the other half.

“I found that dragging it first kind of into place, is gonna give it better coverage without having to sit there and stipple,” Vasquez said. “So flawless.”

Needless to say, I think Ramon’s a fan.

He noticed that he got more coverage with the silicone sponge, versus the Beauty Blender or square sponge.

Ramon also says the silicone sponge spreads the foundation more smoothly.

“But you can see it just has effortless….just a little bit of the product versus something that has a little bit more kinda stuck on it,” Vasquez said. “To the normal makeup sponge, you can tell that by blending it out, I would’ve already had to pick up a little more and put some on your face because it would’ve just woosh … and depending on your makeup sponge, they’ll just soak it up. You’re gonna lose a little bit of makeup.”

I personally haven’t found the silicone sponge in stores, but here are some of the websites where you can currently buy the product:




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