Scoop on Savings – Prom Dresses

Yulissa Solis looks for the perfect dress Saturday, March 18, 2017 during the 13th annual Cinderella's Closet at the YWCA in Elgin, Ill. The girls were able to get prom or other formal dresses, in addition to shoes, hats, and makeup. (Brian Hill/Daily Herald via AP)

It’s prom season, ladies, meaning you’re probably about to shell out a lot of money for the perfect dress.

Trust me, I’ve been there. But there is a way to find a dress without dishing out a ton of green.

West El Paso’s Ella Blu is known for their variety of gowns and dresses.

Taylor Brown, an employee at Ella Blu, told KFOX14 that the boutique will guarantee that you won’t be showing up to prom in the same dress as anyone else.

“We’ll register your dress,” Brown said. “Which means that you won’t have the same dress as another girl at your school. So, we’ll take down your name, the dress that you got, and we’ll register it on a sheet of paper, and then when you come in, you’ll tell us, ‘Oh, I go to Coronado,’ or Franklin, or any of the other schools, even Las Cruces, and then we’ll make sure you aren’t going to show up in the same dress as anyone else.”

Ella Blu’s offering a special deal for KFOX14 viewers only.

Their store owner told me exclusively that they’re taking $25 off prom dresses to any viewer that goes in and tells them they saw or heard about this deal on KFOX14.

Ella Blu is located right off North Mesa in west El Paso. But you better hurry if you want to take advantage of the savings – this offer’s only valid during prom season.

If Ella Blu doesn’t have what you’re looking for, try David’s Bridal in central El Paso at Bassett Place.

They told me they’re offering $100 off select prom dresses in store.

However, that’s only for a limited time. That offer will end on Saturday, April 1.

While there aren’t any markdowns on dresses at Dillard’s, they did tell me that there are markdowns on shoes.

Shoes are currently an additional 40 percent off, and that’s any and all kinds of shoes -- maybe even one that will match the dress you end up purchasing!

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