Why is the swimming pool at Lionel Forti Park gone?

Lionel Forti Park (Photo Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

A KFOX14 viewer named Eli wanted to know why the swimming pool at Lionel Forti Park in the Lower Valley was torn down and filled with dirt.

I learned that the city's working on replacing the old swimming pool with a new, state of the art regional aquatic facility as one of the quality of life projects approved by El Paso voters in 2012.

But it'll still be a while before you’ll get to enjoy it. A spokesman for the city Parks and Recreation Department said the facility is currently in the design phase and it'll be a few years before it's finally built and open to the public.

It's one of three regional aquatic facilities the city plans to build at local parks. They'll include features like water slides, a lap pool with a climbing wall and water volleyball, along with a tot play area, concessions and shade.

The city spokesman said workers needed to demolish the old pool at Lionel Forti Park to make way for the new aquatic facility.

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