Why is EPISD spending $250,000 on a marketing campaign?

El Paso Independent School District.

Felipe asked, "Why is EPISD wasting money for advertising instead of using it to fix the schools?"

As KFOX14 has reported, the El Paso School Board recently approved a new $250,000 marketing campaign. The goal is to get more students to attend the El Paso Independent School District.

Like Ysleta ISD, EPISD has struggled with falling enrollment in recent years.

Each student is worth about $6,000 in state funding to a school district. So if EPISD can attract at least 42 new students, the district's marketing plan will break even. If it can attract more students than that, EPISD will make money on the deal. But if it attracts fewer than 42 students, the marketing campaign would essentially cost the district money.

Over the course of the next school year, we'll find out if the school district’s bet was successful.

It's the school board's prerogative to decide how to spend money and the priorities to pursue with EPISD’s half-billion dollar annual budget.

Last year, EPISD voters approved a new bond for the district. That money can only be used on capital spending projects, such as repairing, renovating and constructing campuses across the district, along with the purchase of new school equipment.

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