Why are there so many street crews working across El Paso?

Construction on El Paso streets.

In this Just Ask John, an update on some of the questions and complaints I’ve received about road construction that's happening across El Paso, specifically the residential street projects that are creating closures and detours.

Robinson Avenue in the Kern Place neighborhood has forced drivers to deal with both hindrances since last year.

While the project was initially supposed to be completed by this summer, the city now expects it'll be completed sometime in the fall.

One reason the city cited for the delay involved finding enough workers to do the job. That may be because of an ambitious street repaving program the city is now working on.

In a recent news release, the city of El Paso said it’s resurfacing local streets at an unprecedented rate.

For this fiscal year and next, city officials say they're spending more than $16 million on repaving projects, and that by the end of next year, city crews will have repaved more than 260 streets over the six years of the 2012 street resurfacing program.

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