Why are there long lines at my post office?

Post office in El Paso, Texas.

A KFOX14 viewer in East El Paso complained about long wait times at his post office.

Tom asked, "Why does it take so long to get customer service as the Pebble Hills post office?”

He said there's always a long line to pick up packages, but only one attendant helping out customers.

I took Tom's concerns to the U.S. Postal Service's regional public information officer in San Marcos, Texas. Robert Bolen responded in an email that he checked with local postal management and they reported no significant complaints at the Pebble Hills station.

But he said that they had run into problems at the nearby Sandy Creek post office at 2100 George Dieter. Bolen said that station recently experienced a significant volume of customers picking up packages, hold mail and certified mail at the post office's service door. He said immediate steps were taken to provide more staff at the Sandy Creek station in order to better assist customers.

I then wondered whether any staff was moved from the Pebble Hills post office to help out at the Sandy Creek location and whether that might have led to longer wait times at the Pebble Hills Station. But Bolen responded that he was not aware of any shifts in staffing.

He also apologized for any inconvenience customers may have experienced and said they'll “continue to monitor all the post offices in this area to ensure customers receive the highest possible level of service.”

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