Who can help if you have a problem with a school?

A KFOX14 viewer wanted to know who she could go to for help to resolve a problem at a local school.

As I reported Tuesday, Maricela was concerned because the Socorro Independent School District hadn't fixed the football lockers at Americas High School, despite students gettingreporting things stolen from the defective lockers.

A district spokesman told me, the fix that administrators initially came up with didn't work as planned. So athletes at Americas High are now allowed to use the coach's office to store their valuables.

Socorro ISD spokesman Daniel Escobar also said there are no immediate plans to replace the lockers, but the school district is conducting an assessment of facility needs, and the Americas High football lockers are on that assessment list.

In addition, Maricela wanted to know who she could contact for help with this issue. Escobar said SISD administrative services director, Dr. Carmen Olivas Graham, works with parents who have concerns about any campus.

Perhaps the best place to go for help is to your school board trustee. Trustees have the ultimate power within the school district and it's part of their job to address constituents' concerns.

I looked up the Socorro School Board online and found a map of the trustees' districts. I learned that Americas High is in district five, which is represented by trustee Gary Gandara.

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