Where are UTEP's pillars on I-10?

Go-10 project update.PNG

Mayela posted a question on KFOX14's Facebook page, asking why UTEP still doesn't have pillars up along I-10, while the Texas Tech pillars have already been around for months.

I answered a similar question last November and learned that UTEP itself was responsible for the delay in getting its pillars put up. The university requested some design changes.

But that was nearly six months ago. I checked back with the Texas Department of Transportation this week to find out if there was any new information.

TxDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Wright told me that the design changes have been made and the UTEP pillars have largely been built off-site.

She said work crews should put them up along I-10 near the UTEP campus either before or by this summer.

The plan is to put up one pillar on I-10 East, past Executive Center, where the UTEP campus starts on one end. The other will go on the other end of the university campus, along I-10 West, near Spur 1966.

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