What's the new attraction at Wet 'n Wild?

Wet-N-Wild Waterworld

In Tuesday's Just Ask John, I answered a question about how much water El Paso's new spray parks use.

The city told me each park has a large underground tank that recycles thousands of gallons of water.

I first learned how water parks can reuse water without having to constantly replenish the supply last summer when I was asked a similar question about the Wet 'n Wild Water Park in Anthony, Texas. A filtration system allows the park to recycle and reuse its water.

Wet 'n Wild will open this season the first weekend of May. It will open up on weekends throughout May and open for daily business on June 1.

By the end of May, the water park also plans to have its newest attraction, Jaguar Falls, open to the public. Managers told KFOX14 the six-story-high family raft ride is the largest attraction Wet 'n Wild has ever built, covering more than 42,000 square feet.

By the way, Wet 'n Wild boasts of being the nation's third oldest water park, dating back to 1979.

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