How much water do El Paso spray parks use?

The Grandview Spray Park features a splash pad with more than 15 water features, such as a large dump bucket, water spouts and fountains. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

With all the new spray parks opening up across El Paso, a KFOX14 viewer wanted to know how much water the city needs to run them.

I posed that question to the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department and got a response from the department's assistant director, Paula Powell.

In a statement she said the spray parks operate by using non-potable water that's chemically treated and filtered to keep the water clean. She said It's similar to the filtration system used in city swimming pools.

Powell said the Pavo Real Spray Park in the Lower Valley has a 6,000-gallon underground tank that recycles the water and the city only needs to replace only water that's lost to evaporation.

In addition, she said each spray park is designed to automatically shut down if there's a malfunction or if the water's chemistry is not properly balanced.

Parks and Recreation gets an automatic alert sent by text and email when that happens.

The city's newest spray park opened last week in Central El Paso at Grandview Park, bringing the city's total to six.

Two more are under construction and El Paso will soon have a spray park in each of the eight city council districts.

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