How much did the Texas Legislature’s special session cost taxpayers?


In an earlier “Just Ask John” shortly after the special session of the Texas Legislature began, I noted there was little chance that the so-called "bathroom bill" would pass after it failed during the regular session because of the opposition of Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus. Sure enough, the legislation died again.

The bill would have required people to use school restrooms based on the gender that's listed on their birth certificate, even if they're now the opposite sex. Texas business leaders also strongly opposed the bill.

Probably the most important issue to state taxpayers during the special session was property tax reform. Once again, the Texas House and Senate couldn't reach a deal on easing the tax burden on homeowners before adjourning this week.

In the end, nothing came out of the special session that probably couldn't have been handled during the legislature's regular session.

The cost to Texas taxpayers was $1 million, just for the daily reimbursement state lawmakers received while they met in Austin. That doesn't include the cost of staffing, utilities and other expenses during the special session.

Still, Gov. Greg Abbott hasn't ruled out calling another special session to try to get what he wants.

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