How hot is too hot for humans?

“How hot does it need to get to be too hot for people?”

Though there's still debate about what's causing it, there's broad agreement that our planet is getting warmer. That raises the question, “How hot does it need to get to be too hot for people?”

The first half of this year ranked as the second warmest January through June period on record for Earth. This follows three consecutive record breaking years for heat.

On June 29, the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran recorded one of the highest temperatures ever reached on Earth, 129 degrees Fahrenheit. Add in the humidity and the heat index hit 142 degrees.

Death Valley, California holds the record for the highest recorded temperature on Earth at 134 degrees, without the heat index, in 1913. But some weather experts believe that reading wasn't reliable.

In 2015, the heat index recorded temperatures as high as 163 degrees in parts of the Persian Gulf. That approaches the limits of human tolerance.

A study reported in the journal Nature Climate Change presented computer simulations of what could happen to global temperatures if carbon dioxide emissions continue at their current pace. It found that by the end of this century, some parts of the Persian Gulf, places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates could face heat waves in which it will be too hot for people to go outside.

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