Does the city of El Paso still trap feral cats?

Does the city of El Paso still trap feral cats?

In this Just Ask John, Charles, a KFOX14 viewer asked me, “Why is El Paso Animal Services no longer putting out cages to trap feral cats?”

I put that question to the spokesman for the city's animal services department, Ramon Herrera. He told me the city now relies on volunteers to put out traps to catch feral cats. Herrera said the department made a major change to its feral cat program last year. Animal services no longer kills the wild cats it catches.

Instead, the department now vaccinates the feral cats and spays or neuters them so that they cannot reproduce. Once the cats heal, animal control officers then release the cats back into the neighborhoods from where they came from.

Herrera said research has shown that over time, the feral cat population will fall naturally because the cats cannot reproduce. He also said the city i's now trying to use more humane ways of dealing with stray cats and dogs than simply euthanizing them.

But some residents complain the feral cats remain a nuisance when they return to their neighborhoods. Sun City Cats, a local trap-neuter-return advocacy group, can help with that problem by providing some products and procedures to help keep feral cats away from residents’ homes and yards. People interested in learning more about how Sun City Cats can help should call 915-472-4926.

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