Motivation Monday: tracking gadgets


Who among us hasn't ever misplaced the keys to the house or the car? It can be a frustrating experience that can cause you to be late, or stuck in a bad situation. This week our tech expert, Adam Gamwell, will show us how to avoid that situation with the use of some little gadgets that help you track your items.

On this "Motivation Monday" of our "Carpe Diem" segments, Gamwell explained that you can place these little devices on your keys, phone, laptop, and even on your pet's collar. With the help of a phone application that syncs to the device, you can find the item when you misplace it.

"But there is a misconception that this is a GPS device, which it is not," said Gamwell. The devices work off of crowdsharing. That means when other people are using the same application for their own similar devices, the signal is relayed from those phones back to you if you are more than 150 feet away from the item.

See hacks using gadgets:

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