Motivation Monday spring planting

This week you may be getting motivated to plant because the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and it's almost spring. On this Motivation Monday, head curator and horticulturist John White from UTEP explained some of the mistakes people make this time of year when it comes to planting. "You go into a nursery and see a lot of nice things and take too many home with no clear plan for where to put them or how to care for them."

White said your first plan of action before you start buying spring plants, is to figure out where you can put them, and where they sit in relation to the sun, and to nearby walls or fences that may eventually conflict with their growth. Another mistake commonly made when planting, White said, is not digging the hole wide enough and digging too deep instead. In the next segment of “Carpe Diem", White showed us how to determine the width and depth of the hole, and how to make sure your new plants get a off on the right root. .

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