Motivation Monday: Rugs

Motivation Monday: Rugs

It's "Motivation Monday," where this week we visited with our expert interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco of Brass Arrow to learn about rugs.

For too many people, rugs are an afterthought, according to Blanco. "A lot of times, people buy their furniture first, and their rug last. Then suddenly there's no longer the budget for a rug, plus you have trouble matching. So really, whenever iI am ready to start purchasing furniture for a room, iI start with the rug," said Blanco.

Rugs not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but serve as noise cancellation and to protect hardwood flooring. In fact, our expert interior designer is convinced a rug "is the most important piece in the room because it anchors the space."

Another reason she says to get the rug first when furnishing your home, is that it makes it easier to know what to look for in colors and accessories. Plus, a rug can provide extra space in the room. If there are not enough places to sit, "you have people who will sit on the floor, kids will play on the floor, so you get more use out of your room when you have a rug," said Blanco. In our next segment, Blanco will show how to place a rug correctly in your home so it makes sense and looks good.

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