Motivation Monday: Roses


It's Motivation Monday and as it gets warmer, many flowers start to bloom in the borderland.

But the desert heat can be too much for almost everyone's favorite flower, the rose. What you may not know however is there are literally thousands of varieties of roses. Horticulturalists throughout the years have cross-bred roses into hybrid combinations that produce different sizes, colors, durability and ability to withstand nature's elements. As a result, some roses thrive better in the desert Southwest than others. You can find all the knowledge you need about growing roses locally at the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden.

Master Gardeners with the El Paso Master Gardner committee care for the city rose garden. Denise Rodriguez who runs the program as an El Paso County extension agent says you don't need to be a horticulturalist to decipher which rose bush is best for your yard and your life. In fact, if you just select the right kind of rose bush for your home it will thrive on it's own with only some minor upkeep. On Wednesday, El Paso's Master Gardners have some tips on how to pick the best rose bush, and how to make it thrive.

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