Motivation Monday: Pre-emergent herbicide

The weather has brought much-needed rain to El Paso this week. But after the rain in the desert leaves, the weeds come to visit and sometimes to stay.

In fact, "a weed seed can germinate in the ground in your yard for 20-40 years," said Sid Steadman, of Sunset Gardens. The solution, Steadman said, is to take make a pre-emptive strike on weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide.

A good pre-emergent is safe for your grass but will kill the weed seeds before they can germinate and become a problem.

So in Wednesday's segment, Steadman will show us how to apply a pre-emergent and how much to use. This is something yard owners do want to think about this time of year as pre-emergent is something that needs to be applied in early spring and early fall to work effe

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