Motivation Monday: Planting Veggies

Motivation Monday: Planting Veggies

It's "Motivation Monday" and this week's segments are focused on growing fall vegetables. Our gardening expert, head UTEP curator John White, said, "Fall is the ideal time for many vegetable seeds to go into the ground."

"Everyone should get enthusiastic about planting vegetables in the fall," White said. For one thing, we are now in the monsoon. So that means the desert groud is getting a decent amount of consistent moisture.

But it's important to plant what is in character with the season.

So for now, no squash, tomatoes or watermelon -- because they won't survive the first frost.

Instead, consider planting kale, peas, peppers, beets and turnips, among others.

In our next segment, we'll learn how to actually plant vegetables. You may be surprised how easy it is and how fast they grow.

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