Motivation Monday: Palm trees

Motivation Monday: Palm trees

The desert in the Borderland is dotted with a variety of palm trees. While there are more than 2,000 species of palm trees, not all of them fare well in this area's dry climate .

Several years ago, an unusual extreme freeze killed hundreds of palm trees in the El Paso area. Since then, many have not been replaced.

In this week's segments of "Carpe Diem" we were joined by expert landscape Sid Steadman, of Sunset Gardens, to learn the best way to care for a palm tree so that it thrives in the desert.

Steadman said as a rule "the thicker the trunk of the palm tree the more likely it is to survive very cold temperatures or a freeze." He pointed out that types of palm trees you may associate with California, Arizona, or Florida have thinner trunks and tend to die in this area after a cold winter.

There are steps you can take to prevent that from happening, and we will show you what they are in the next segment. But in the meantime, you can avoid having to take many preventative freeze measures by simply sticking to a palm with a thicker trunk.

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