Motivation Monday: Paint your walls

The most tedious part of painting a wall like a pro isn't the painting, it's the preparation. This week, we joined Nancy Meek, who is the painting specialist in the Myers Ace Hardware family. "It takes about twice as long to prep as it does to paint," said Meek.

The prep involves taking painters tape and meticulously covering all the edges of anything you don't want the paint to touch. The tape comes in two sizes, and three different colors. However, the colors are for preference only, because painters tape is the same.

Meek cautions about using any other type of tape to prep. "If you use masking tape, for example, when you take it off, it will lift the paint and take it off the wall," Meek said. Also, Meek recommends that you use multiple layers to expand the coverage width of the painters tape anyplace where a roller may come in contact, like the ceiling. Even though it is a tedious task, taking the time to cover the edges carefully will make the wall look professionally painted once you remove the the tape. In the next segment, Meek will share her best tips on how to apply the paint in the most effective way.

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