Motivation Monday: Indoor lighting


"Light fixtures are like jewelry for your house."

Those are the words of interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco about why lighting is something you should consider carefully.

"Always bring into your house what you love," Alvarez said, "because then you will always love it, regardless of trends."

But what you should not do is "be boring.". Alvarez said, "you can do better than that," and says you have to not allow yourself to get into one frame of thought about lighting. Alvarez said many people are tempted to buy all their light fixtures out of the same line of fixtures because they all match. Alvarez said doing that is a mistake.

Alvarez said a trick interior designers use to give a home depth, is to take different fixtures from different manufacturers and design lines and bring them into the home. On Wednesday, Alvarez will give us tips how to make your fixtures work together so there is a flow of light and design.

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